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Weight Loss Groups.

I currently run small weight loss groups which have been hugely popular and have achieved great weight loss results.

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Work as a team and get the body you want.

My weight loss groups offer great value for money and you can receive the benefits of personal training at a much lower cost. 

You'll get the social interaction and feel-good factor, while meeting new people with similar goals, working alongside your other group members in a fun and friendly environment.

Group workout sessions take place either once or twice weekly depending on the package you choose.


These are designed to maximise weight loss and rev up your metabolism. They will be challenging of course, but your fitness levels will improve quickly and you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve physically.

Take the first step on your weight loss journey by joining the 360 Fitness family today.

View prices and join our 360 Fitness family today.


What can you expect?

Nutritional support to make healthier choices

2 week meal plan based on your metabolism

Progress monitoring to help keep you on track

Motivational support in the gym and between sessions

Group support via our facebook page

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